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Do I have to sign a contract? Not at all. Your service can be started or stopped with just a phone call (516) 345-0266

Can my dog be left in the yard during service? Yes. We don't mind if they don't. If you have a friendly dog, it is no trouble.

Do I have to be home for the service? No, although for the first service it is best to meet with you and your pet(s) so we can all get acquainted. This is also a good time to see if your pet will mind us coming into their yard.

Can I schedule my service for a particular day? Yes. For example, if you have a lawn service, it is best to schedule our visit for the day before.

How am I billed? You will be billed for service at the end of the month. We can do this through regular mail or E-mail. Payment is due upon receipt of the bill. We accept cash or checks.

How do you prevent spreading any diseases? We disinfect our equipment and shoes after cleaning every yard.

What is done with the poop?  Typically, the waste is placed in your trash can. If you'd prefer, we can remove it from your property and have it disposed of for an additional charge.

I normally lock my gate, is this a problem? You can leave your gate unlocked for our visit; or we can loan you a lock that you can use.

What if I don't need service for a few weeks? Just notify us at least one day ahead and we will put your account on hold.

Is it possible to get a one-time-only service? Yes, One-time-only or short-term service may be easily arranged.

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